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Will we be able to create subforums for the SlicerVerse?

Categories seem to be there most suitable way of creating separate discussion spaces for subcommunities.

I created a Communities category with “SlicerCMF” underneath it, as a demo/test:

Other than a handful of existing communities who have/had other forums, I think we should be judicious with category creation, especially at the top level (don’t want it to be overwhelming/confusing). We can use tags freely and observe if any eventually need separate categories.

Also: the sub-categories could be customized with images to make it feel more welcoming…

Sounds good to me. So we can decide later if we need a dmri category. Thank you Isaiah for setting this up!

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This is great, thank you! We will need a SlicerSALT category too.

For SlicerCMF, we have agoogle site website but no forum so we will be starting a user-base from scratch.

For SlicerSALT, we have a large user-base in our NITRC forums. I would like to start migrating this user-base to discourse, but I know there will be resistance and it will take a bit of time. Any suggestions on how to go around this apart from saying “we are now here”?

Ok, I created SlicerSALT and added you to the moderator group so I think you can now edit the settings/header.

Make an announcement, wait a few days, then turn off the mailing list! :jack_o_lantern: (well, set to read-only mode so people can still read the archives). If you have a decent # of subscribers it is probably worth sending a summary digest to the old mailing list (no-reply) for a while so that people see signs of life – that’s what I’m planning to do for the main Slicer lists.

I think the email interaction mode can take a little tweaking to get the way you want, but otherwise the user experience is so much better on Discourse that I hope people are generally happy to migrate.

Yes, those are good ideas! We are going to wait anyways until the new SlicerSALT website and SPHARM extensions are ready to share.

If you have a decent # of subscribers it is probably worth sending a summary digest to the old mailing list (no-reply) for a while so that people see signs of life – that’s what I’m planning to do for the main Slicer lists.

What do you mean by that? Sending a digest of the discourse forum to the old forum for a while?


Yeah, exactly. There is a digest mode where it will summarize all the activity, if any, on the list or in a given category (I think) for a set time-period, and we can set up a dummy account which would mail that digest to the old lists. I’ll try it out once we are ready to move the main lists, and report back.

Yeah, please do! Also, is it possible to add multiple moderators to a community? Can we add the user hina-shah as another moderator in SlicerSALT?

Discourse doesn’t support category-specific moderators yet, and, unfortunately, the number of staff in the Standard plan is limited to 5 – which we reached already…

I thought that 5 number only counted admins, but it doesn’t really seem like an issue: looking at the permissions for “Trust Level 4”, it grants basically all necessary privileges (edit, close, split/move/pin topics, etc.) for management. There’s only a few things that TL4 can’t do compared to Moderator, like banning users. I don’t think this will matter much in practice.

So I think we should:

I am modifying the landing page to include links to all of those slicer customized communities. In this initial attempt we will just link to their independent sites, and possibly just create a general page that describes what the SlicerVerse is.

I plan to link to several custom versions of Slicer initially: SlicerSALT, SlicerCMF, SlicerDMRI, SlicerRT, SlicerCIP…

Please let me know who else might be interested in being included.

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Also developing:

SlicerRadiomics (at

SlicerAstro (probably best at

SlicerHeart ( may be too early to include)

Also a maybe: SlicerPatholology at

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@jcfr @pieper @mhalle
(I used kompozer to make these changes so there spacing and returns in the html lines is a bit changed)

Initial draft.
Please, pay attention to the slicerverse description page:

Any feedback is appreciated!! Specific feedback I am looking for:

  1. Content in Slicerverse page in the wiki
  2. Should the SlicerVerse row be a footer, header?
  3. Stylistic comments (icon sizes ok? other icons?)

Thank you!

Definitely a good start. I think I’m a little too close to this to know
how it would look to a new user. I wonder how best to get feedback from
new users? (not just about SlicerVerse but about the rest of the page(s)

Oh, and I have not forgotten that @rkikinis requested page wide images and a more modern look.

If we change the layout so dramatically, I would actually look into the plenty of (some of which) are free Jekyll Templates. Or else, assigning this task to somebody that is not HTML challenged like me :slight_smile:

I like it! Thanks!!! I wonder if users will be totally confused by the term SlicerVerse. I remember we discussed possible names and “Solutions” was one, but that is still not too specific. Perhaps “SlicerVerse Solutions” or “SlicerVerse Projects” or packages? Stylistically I think the font for SlicerVerse is a little larger than the font in the Slicer logo above, so at first glance it looked too big to me (minor detail). Ideally it would be great if a mouse hover over a SlicerVerse icon showed the name of the package.

I would call them “Distributions”, similarly to how it is done for ImageJ.

Thanks for the feedback!


After 3D Slicer

Also, SlicerDistributions after the main header or as a footer. I tried it but i did not like it much, but I wanted to know your opinion.

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I like the header!

Other suggestion: the [alt] text for each link could have a little more description, both for those who can’t infer from the image, and for screen-reader users. e.g. SlicerDMRI: diffusion imaging and tractography. SlicerIGT: surgical guidance and navigation