Whether to consider adding a reference chart tool to the left of the 3D view

For some projections or orthogonal views, I think it is very helpful to add a grid reference. Is there a script to achieve this effect?

There are many ways to achieve this. Can you explain what your end goal is?

If I want to use scissor tool to fill a cylinder, then I need to determine an axis, or a circle center, and then use this point as the starting point of the scissor.In addition, sometimes I need to register two models,Of course, there are many methods, but I can use the reference grid to translate.If I need to hollow a baffle, similar to this picture, then I can use scissor for circular cutting, but without a grid reference, the distribution of these holes will be irregular.

You can generate a set of cylinders (vtkCylinderSource), append them into a single polydata (vtkAppendPolyData), then add that to a model (slicer.modules.models.logic().AddModel()). You can then either combine it with a segmentation in Segment Editor (import the model and use logical operators effect) or subtract using Combine models module (in Sandbox extension).

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