3D Slicer for virtual reality using Oculus Quest

I’m just started using 3D Slicer. My question is how do I use 3D Slicer with Oculus Quest? Should I import a plugin in unity? I’ve looked at https://github.com/KitwareMedical/SlicerVirtualReality but seems like it supports SteamVR & OpenVR. Quest uses Android SDK.


Slicer supports all OpenVR compatible headsets. Oculus Quest requires third-party application to run OpenVR content. Depending on network quality, the update rates will be probably somewhat lower than by using a headset that supports OpenVR natively.

You can get a Windows Mixed Reality headset for about half price of an Oculus Quest and that headset works natively with OpenVR.

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As of today are Oculus Quest 1 or 2 compatible with SLICER VR?
What is the third party mentionned in your post?

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I haven’t tried an Oculus Quest with Slicer, but you can search the web for how to use Oculus Quest with OpenVR (the VR interface that Slicer uses). See for example here: https://uploadvr.com/how-to-play-pc-vr-oculus-quest-2/

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Thank you for the feedback.

Actually, I don’t have the Oculus Link.

I found this article : https://uploadvr.com/quest-openxr-prototype-support/#:~:text=Just%20to%20clear%20up%20any,on%20Oculus%20Rift%20store%20apps.

They mentionned : While Open VR works on all PC VR headsets, it doesn’t support Android headsets like Quest and due to Facebook’s policies cannot be used on Oculus Rift store apps.

Quest works with Android SDK, I assume it should not be compatible unfortunately.

The article is 8 month old. The situation may be different now. Anyway, the Oculus Quest is not a great headset for PC-based VR, because it is optimized for rendering on its own.