why after adding data from files the slicer flashback?

What do you mean by flashback? Does it occur with the very latest Slicer Preview Release?

@Frankling712 note that if you load the .mrml file, you will reload any of the data that was saved with it, so those .fcsv files in the load dialog may be being loaded twice.

i meant that the software slicer always quits after laoding the data.my friend told me that it was caused by loading too many files,but i think it’s confusing.the data i loaded is what i want.so how should i address this issue?

but if i just load .mrml file,the software slicer can also quit.so how can i figure it out?

Please give us a bit more information.

  • What Slicer version do you use?
  • What computer do you have (operating system, CPU model, amount of RAM, free disk space)?
  • What data do you have problem with? Is the issue with one particular image? How big is the file? What software created that file?

version:4.11.20210226 actually i tried different version like 4.13 and 4.11, all failed.
operating system:whindows10 RAM:8GB CPU:intel core i7-8750H 2.20Ghz
free disk space:300GB
the file i loaded is 320 KB.the problem is that the slicer can’t oepen the file,i just need to open one file and get the 3d image.like this

like what i said,the software always quits after adding files.

more information

Can you reproduce the crash with the very latest Slicer Preview Release (Slicer-5.1)? If yes, then the best would be if you could share the problematic files with us (upload somewhere and post the link here).