Problem in slicer

Why, when I open the slicer and load data suddenly, it is closed?
I do not understand what is happening
can you help please

To get meaningful help you’ll need to describe more specifically what works and what doesn’t. Like can you work through tutorials, does the sample data work, what data are you trying to load, etc.

mrml type data
I already loaded before and it works, but now it’s closed suddenly

We still don’t know anything, but I suspect that you wanted to load a MRML scene and Slicer crashed.

What does the MRML scene contain? Where does it come from: your own creation? What Slicer version was the scene saved with? What Slicer version do you use to open it? What does it exactly mean Slicer closed? Is there anything meaningful in the log?
Please answer all questions in order for us to be able to help. Also please rename the thread to indicate your actual problem. Thanks.

-The MRML scene contains two Niftii data
-It’s my own creation
-I use slicer 4.10.1 for creation
-i means by closed slicer that it stops (it does not work) when I load the data

you can watch this video to better understand what i mean

Thanks for the information and the video.
Do I see correctly that Slicer closes only when you click the button?
What happens if you start Slicer without any scene, check the box that says don’t show again, then try to open the scene?

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It becomes not working without clicking the button
I have done what you say and i got the same problem

The same how? If you check the don’t show again checkbox and start Slicer then the dialog should not appear. Can you confirm this?

If yes, and then you load your scene, then you don’t have to click the button so then it crashes by itself?

i start Slicer without any scene, i check the box that says don’t show again, then i try to open the scene but slicer closes

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