Why the condyle is saved as an empty model like the one in the photo below?

Dears in 3D Slicer community,
could any one please help me in regard to this issue:
I have segmented the mandibular condyle, but when save it is empty from inside (not solid) as you can see in the figure below:

I need it to be solid for further analysis that is not running correctly now due to this problem?
Could you help me knowing what it is like this? how could I save it to be in solid form not empty one?
Thank you in advance

Please try the WrapSolidify effect.

You can add it to the segment editor by using the extensions manager.

Hope it helps

same problem i am facing , following the segmentation and the clipped condyle were saved as VTK but can not till now can not do SPHARM PDM- generator it comes as an error

what should be the form of model that can be used with no error during SPHARM PDM-generator???

Maybe the model should be watertight

Hope it helps

thanks a lot, dear for your help, I have tried using the wrapSolidify but unfortunately the problem getting it further processed in SPHARM PDM- generator still persists