Wrap Solidify only for vtk models

I want to use the functionality from Wrap Solidify to a vtk model, without having any DICOM file,
Is it possible to do that, if yes can you give me a hint?


If you import the vtk model into Slicer, right click on it in Data module and convert to a segmentation. After that you should be able to use all Segment Editor effects (including Wat Solidify) on it. You will have to export it as a model after you are done editing.

If a surface representation exists in the segmentation (e.g., because you imported the segmentation from a model node, or loaded a surface mesh file as segmentation) then Wrap Solidify effect takes that surface from the segmentation node, so what @muratmaga described should work well. Therefore, the Wrap Solidify effect should work as is.

For reference, this topic seems to be a continuation of this topic: Converting open surface model into segmentation