WrapSolidify is amazing for preprocessing before volumetric mesh generation

Sorry I just realized I never responded to this. I was able to segment out the entire hip joint from the sample abdomen/pelvis CT in Slicer. Previously, I was trying to run TetGen in FeBioStudio and it kept on failing because my segmentations weren’t homogenous. The WrapSolidify effect solved this issue for me and TetGen ran perfectly on the .vtk’s I exported from Slicer. The result from the WrapSolidify effect was amazing and exactly what I needed! I wish the module worked as smoothly for MRIs but I imagine auto-segmenting MRIs is quite the ongoing challenge

Great, thanks for the feedback and nice images. I would recommend to also check out SegmentMesher extension, which can generate volumetric meshes directly from segmentations. It can use TetGen or Cleaver (which I usually find working more robustly and faster than tetgen). Soon it’ll also be able to use NetGen and TetWild.

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