Write loadable reader module to import custom data to Slicer


My data is writen in hdf5 container and may be represented as vtkImageData.
I’m trying to write module that allows me to upload this data to Slicer so it would be possible to work with this data in Slicer (I think it should become visible in Data module and Volume module).

Which Slicer’s module should I work with to do that? I thought it is Data module but I should be mistaken as I can’t see any Data's method that allows me to “register” my data in Slicer scope.

You can use the VFF file reader in SlicerRT as an example.

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Thank you!

For now I’ve implemented some custom GUI API aimed at reading my data.
But in the future I think I will rework them to make it more similar to Slicer native IO modules. I will come back then to that topic and see the example you gave me.

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