WSL Slicer image overlay selector

I am trying to select overlay between images on WSL, hovewer the selector does not work for me

Operating system: Windows / WSL Fedora /WSL ubuntu
Slicer version: 5.4
Expected behavior: I am able to overlay two images in slicer
Actual behavior: selector for second image don’t work

You need to click the small double-arrow button in the popup to choose a foreground volume.

The problem is that it is unclickable there

You can use View Controllers module then.

Thanks that solution works for my case

Now that the error cause of this problem is most likely WSLg’s limited support for scaling - see for example HiDPI Scaling · Issue #388 · microsoft/wslg · GitHub

Your may be able to fix it by enabling/disabling scaling in the operating system and/or in the application.