Zoom in linked slices gets out of sync when using right-click+drag

I linked the slice views and when I right-click+drag to change the field of view (zoom) only the field of view of the slice where my mouse is is changed.

When I use ctrl+scroll all the linked slice views get synced and change together.

I’m using version 4.13.0 revision 30566 built 2022-01-28

Is this a feature or a bug? (or am I doing something wrong?)

In version 4.11.20210226 revision 29738 built 2021-03-01 both right-click+drag and ctrl+scroll changed the field of view of all linked slices

@dgmato can you check if this is a regression related to the new slice intersections feature?

In the next build (version 4.13.0; revision 30570; built 2022-01-29) both methods work again

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