Bug: zoom in linked slices gets out of sync when using right-click+drag (again)

I linked the slice views and when I right-click+drag to change the field of view (zoom), only the field of view of the slice where my mouse is is changed.

When I use ctrl+scroll all the linked slice views are synchronised and change together.

This unexpected behaviour happened in both

  • version 4.13.0 revision 30748 built 2022-03-31
  • version 4.13.0 revision 30784 built 2022-04-16

I assume that this is a bug, based on similar past reports:

In previous versions using either right-click+drag or ctrl+scroll was equivalent: both methods changed the field of view of all linked slices.
Indeed, the second linked post, above, indicates that a bug with the same symptoms was fixed in version 4.13.0; revision 30570; built 2022-01-29, so maybe this is a regression?


P.S. I didn’t notice any indication in the online User Guide for the user interface that the behaviour is supposed to be different.

In 4.13.0-2022-04-12 r30779 / ed4845f I link the slice views and

  • zoom in a single, selected slice by using right-click+drag
  • zoom in all slices simultaneously by using ctrl + mouse wheel

It looks like a bug to me. Can you please add it as an issue here for milestone 5.0.1? Thanks!

Hello, Csaba.
I’ve submitted the bug report, but couldn’t see how to associate that issue with the specified milestone. Maybe that needs to be done by an administrator?

Thank you!

Probably needs at least triage rights. I added the milestone.

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Andras has reportedly fixed this now.