2020.06.02 Hangout

Tomorrow, we will be having our weekly hangout at 10:00 AM EST until 11 AM EST.

Anyone is welcome to join to ask questions at https://bit.ly/slicer-googlemeet-hosted-by-kitware


  • Slicer 5 progress check-in
  • Build infrastructure updates
  • Extensions server status (follow up of this post)
  • SlicerJupyter blog draft review

Feel free to post to this thread to request/suggest a topic!

Sam (@Sam_Horvath) and J-Christophe (@jcfr)

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We discussed the following:

  • plan to have Qt build recipes collaboratively maintained
  • Extension server: this afternoon @jcfr will meet with Kitware web team to refine strategy for updating and maintaining the extension server
  • need to improved multi-volume volume rendering support
    • There is interest in having realistic rendering
  • improving markup selection by drawing closed curved annotation as well as use of these as input the new dynamic modeler module
  • use of sphinx-gallery (like what is done with pyvista) to display examples currently listed on the ScriptRepository wiki page.
    • a cons of using the gallery is that it seems we will not be able to easily search on a single page
  • implementation of python console addon allowing to easily lookup and use script repository examples (idea from @pieper)
  • issue with Windows installer following the Qt5 update
    • potentially related to the fact we build using toolset 142 while having pre-built dependency built with an other toolset
    • @lassoan will provide more details to help debug this

Random followup on the Qt build ideas: I found this github action script to install Qt and it uses this aqtinstall tool that looks like it would work for Slicer but I haven’t tried.