3D / 4D Philips and GE volumes to 3dSlicer

Dear all,

I need some help to import 3d volume data from Philips epic7 and GE e95 to 3dSlicer.

I installed SlicerHeart with Philips 4D patcher. I can convert those files because show this message:

Examining ./us003.dcm…
Not Philips 4D ultrasound DICOM file. Skipped.
DICOM patching completed.

Also when I try to import those volumes directly that shows like this:


Same for GE volumes.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Many thanks!

You are not doing anything wrong. Unfortunately, ultrasound devices usually do not store 3D/4D image data in standard DICOM fields and therefore there are limitations of what and how can be loaded. See details in documentation of SlicerHeart extension.