3d image now showing

Operating system: 3dslicer
Slicer version: 5.2.1 and 5.0.3
Expected behavior: to produce a 3d image
Actual behavior: not producing 3d image

So I have CT scans of hearts however I can only see the 2d pictures after growing seeds. When trying to initialise a 3d image should show up on 4th screen (top right) however it remains blank. I am using dcm files.

Do I need different extensions? And where do I find them?

Please help :frowning:

You (or one of the modules that you used) switched to the Four-Up Plot layout, which does not contain a 3D view (just slice views and a plot view).

You can switch to the Four-Up layout using the toolbar to get a view layout that shows 3 slice views and a 3D view.