3D model annotation at original resolution

Hi, is it possible to annotate the vertices of a 3D model and keep the original vertex information?

I have a big 3d file (STL) of the mouth. I must classify each vertex of the model as Tooth, Jaw, or Preparation. Is there a way to do so without losing the original vertex information? All I can find at the moment requires data to be converted to a label map, hence losing the original information.

Alternatively, is it possible to “split” the mesh into separate smaller 3d models?

The workaround I can currently think of is to generate a high-res segmentation label map and then match the vertices from the original model to the closest one in the segmentation’s models.


Hi @NicolasRannou :wave:

Did you try ProbeVolumeWithModel?

Hi @pieper, thanks for the suggestion.
I didn’t try and I’ll give it a shot, it seems promising!