3D Slicer 5.2.2 not responding for 2 hours

Has anyone encountered the same problem or could find a solution to fix the following problem:
3D slicer does not respond after 5 to 6 minutes of running. Then after 1 hour, it responds for 4 seconds and then doesn’t respond anymore again. 50 minutes later, it finally responds and I can work on it.

  • The version of 3D slicer that I use: 5.2.2 (I also tested with Slicer 5.0.2 but same problem)
  • The operating system: windows 11 enterprise version 22H2
  • Laptop model : Dell XPS 9315, 12th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i7-1250U 1.10 GHz processor and 32GB RAM, with Intel(R) Iris (R) Xe Graphics card

I would like to specify that this problem is encountered on 2 PCs of the same model and same configuration

Most likely a driver issue. This is a tiny sample dataset that works well with even 10 year old laptops with that specific version of the slicer.

I wonder if it is the Intel GPU causing the problem.

Does Slicer become non-responsive after you enable volume rendering? Is the behavior the same if you switch between CPU and GPU volume rendering technique?
Do you see errors or warnings in the application log?
Does the resource monitor show excessive resource usage (memory or CPU)?

Slicer doesn’t respond after 5 minutes even if I don’t load a data. And there is no errors nor warning. The resource monitor does not show excessive resource usage.
However, I tested running Slicer as an administrator, and there seems to be no more problems. It works very well.
But I don’t understand the relation with slicer which doesn’t respond if I don’t run it as administrator

Maybe you have some overly aggressive antivirus software installed.

This is obviously not a normal behavior. But will be a little hard to chase. Is this by any chance a company/school managed device?

yes, it’s school managed device
But now, if I run it as administrator, there is no more problem.

That pretty much tells me whatever policy they are applying to normal users is interfering with Slicer:s normal operations. Slicer does not require admin privileges for anything. Most likely a different policy is being applied when you are running as administrator.

You are right. And when I use the school’s VPN, slicer works even if I don’t run it as administrator
Thank you very much for your answer