3D Slicer for iPAD with M1 processor

Dear all,

I am just wondering if it is possible to use a 3D slicer software with an iPad (M1 processor). It would be great to take advantage of the stylus.

It would be great to hear advices and comments.


Nothing would be native on an iPad, but there could be a potential of using Sidecar on mac to use an iPad as a second display.

Microsoft Surface Pro tablet with its stylus is known to work well and it runs regular Windows. Here’s a video of a Microsoft Studio which is just a really large touch screen desktop running Slicer.

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Thanks for your quick reply James. I will consider this.

You can also use Slicer on an iPad by running Slicer on macOS/Windows/Linux computer and connect to that from the tablet using a remote desktop app.

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I also use PMOD software and have used sidecar in order to take advantage of the apple pencil. It works really well once you get it setup and is much better than something like a Wacom Tablet. I think it will work just as well with 3D slicer.


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