3D Slicer on a Surface Studio

If anyone is wondering how 3D Slicer runs on a Surface Studio… It is just awesome! I had a chance to try it in a Microsoft Store (it helped that Slicer installation does not require administrator access anymore).

Thanks to recent improvements by @Sunderlandkyl, drawing with the surface pen is very smooth. The programmable wheel controller is very handy, too (I just added a prev/next slice action but any other shortcuts can be added).

A short video is available here:


I use 3D slicer on studio every day! Scissors tool in symmetric fill is my go to tool for segmentation, it makes things super smooth.


I just got a Surface Studio2. Any more details or tutorial reference?
thank you

What would you be interested in specifically - how to use Slicer in general or how to configure wheel and pen?

Hello, I want to know, how do you add “prev / next slice action”, such details, I am not a professional doctor, I am closer to programmers.
think you

You can define custom actions for your Surface dial (see instructions here).

Segment editor keyboard shortcuts that you can assign to dial actions are listed here: https://slicer.readthedocs.io/en/latest/user_guide/module_segmenteditor.html

If you don’t find keyboard shortcuts for any specific action you would like to assign to the dial then you can ask for advice here. You can always create new keyboard shortcuts to any Slicer functions as described here.