3d Slicer in Ubuntu 16.04


I’m trying to run 3D Slicer in ubuntu 16.04.

I’ve downloaded the Linux version of slicer, opened the tar.gz file and copied over the containing folder to a different location.

I’m trying to run the command ./Slicer but it brings up an error saying:

“bash: ./Slicer: cannot execute binany file: Exec format error”

Did you made the Slicer file executable ?

Also is the the correct bit ? 32/64

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Hi Manjula,

I think the issue was that i had 32-bit ubuntu 16.04 operating system. I’m going to reinstall a 64 bit ubuntu 16.04 and see if that fixes the issue.

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yes i think the default one that you download is 64 bit. otherwise you need to build it from the source if you want to do it in 32bit.

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