3D slicer using Jupyter notebook on cloud

I found that I couldn’t install 3D slicer on my local pc, but I am able to run it on binder from here:

But I want to know that is there any tutorial for using 3D Slicer in a jupyter notebook? Is there any difference between the performance of using 3D slicer locally and using Jupyter notebook?

Performance depends on the computer where you run the Slicer (kernel). If you run the kernel on your computer then there is no performance difference. If you run it on the free binder service then it will be slow, as they don’t give you a very powerful computer and the network bandwidth is limited.

Convenience functions that are specifically developed for Slicer Jupyter notebooks are described on the extension’s project page and API documentation in the Python scripts and demonstrated in the example notebooks. If you have any questions then you can ask them here.

I’ve updated SlicerJupyter to use the latest xeus-python kernel, so for a few days there may be I’ll test the changes and fix any errors that comes up in the next few days.

Thank you very mucch for your comprehensive answer