3D View Rendering Problems

Hi everyone, I’m very new to Slicer and have found some bugs that I cannot find an explanation for. I’m using Slicer v5.0.3.

I’ll explain it in order of the steps I performed.

  1. I used ‘Threshold’ to segment a tooth from a CBCT scan

  2. Turned off the ‘eye’ on that segment, created a new segment, and performed manual segmentation using the ‘Draw’ tool and ‘Fill between the Slices’.

  3. Now, I turned on both segments one by one, and that looks like one would expect

  1. However, as soon as I turn off the ‘eye’ on the Thresholded segment, this is what remains of the Manual-slice-interpolated segment:

All of the intersections have been subtracted somehow and there is no way to refresh the 3D view or load the original model back into memory.
If I save it in this state and reopen, the SAME PROBLEM persists (intersections have automatically been subtracted). The only thing I can do is hit ‘Undo’ until the Segment is restored to what it was.

Please help me out on this! It’s utterly frustrating and I haven’t been able to find a solution to this so far.

Thanks and Regards,

Your second segment has eroded the first one, because you are using the default masking option.

You may use ‘Outside * segments’ for ‘Editable area’, or use ‘Allow overlap’ for ‘Modify other segments’. I still get caught with this after 10 years !

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Okay thank you so much! I do remember playing around with these, but I think I’ll have to properly understand what each of these settings actually do.