Show 3D does not work after editing the segmentation


I have a CT scan and its segmentation. I can create a 3D view of the segmentation through the show 3D of the segmentation editor module.

However, when I create a new label using the threshold method in the segmentation editor module, I cannot render the 3D view ever. Moreover, after I did this, I cannot render a segmentation that I can render before. I have to reopen slicer app to do the show 3D function.

And I checked the log, there are no warning/error messages. Also, I am sure I click the button to make sure the 3D model is in the middle. And I also try to turn the surface smooth off but it didn’t work.

I am wondering do you have any idea why? My slicer version is 4.11.


Please test if you can reproduce this issue with the latest Slicer Preview Release.

Did you maybe select the overwrite option when you used the threshold function to create the new, additional segment?

I just tried the whole thing with “allow overlap” and 3.11 as well as the latest slicer build and did not get such a problem.