ABL Temporal Bone Segmentation Module

Dear Andras @lassoan .
I posted this topic 1 month ago. I’m segmenting temporal bone using ABL Temporal Bone Segmentation. I stuck at step 2: Rigid registration because the my data and atlas is too far off (Too many samples map outside moving image buffer: 188 / 1117). I’ve installed SlicerElastix, Slicer version 4.11.20200930.
Can you make a detailed YouTube video on how to automatically segment temporal bone? This is really important to me. I very appreciate your help. Thank you.

Dear @lassoan
I’ve completed rigid registration. For the next step, can you show me the address or link of ABL inference or Docker host? I can’t find it. There are some lines of ABL inference code on Github but I don’t know how to use.
I appreciate your help very much. Thank you.
Best regards.

I don’t know much about this extension. I would recommend to submit an issue to their repository (and copy the issue number here for reference).