Adding body to a Fetus

HI there, I have these fetus rendering but I am trying to close the head of the fetus so it is not just a face mask but a closed scull. IT does not have to be a complete head but at least something that is closed and looks nice for 3D printing. The draw function does not want to work.

Hi there,

I have done a face of an ultrasound file but my issue is I would like to close the head of the image. I tried the paint function but for some reason it does not want to work.

If I can close the head in a semi good way, export it as STL and then edit that image to look presentable then I’ll be happy but I cannot add anything to the image.

Is there something I am doing wrong?

You can use Crop volume module to crop and/or enlarge the original ultrasound volume to make it large enough to contain the entire shape you want to paint.

A proven solution for creating aesthetically pleasing, complete fetus models from ultrasound is to take an existing generic fetus model and replace face/hand/feet surfaces obtained from the ultrasound image. You can create the real models in Slicer but it is better to use a 3D modelling/sculpting software (such as Blender) to combine the models.