Adding many models to hierarchy

I am trying to create a label map for 100+ STLs. I was able to do this by importing all STLs as models, grouping them under a model hierarchy, importing the model hierarchy as a segmentation, and then exporting that segmentation as a Labelmap. Seems like it worked pretty well, but was tedious. My questions are:

  1. Is there a better method to go from multiple STL files to a Labelmap? I want each STL to have a separate value.
  2. Is there a trick to grouping models under a model hierarchy? Doing this in the models module often is finicky and leads to crashes. I tried doing this in the subject hierarchy as well, but after placing them into the folder, they do not show up this way in the models module.

Many thanks,

This should work robustly and much faster in recent Slicer-4.11 releases compared to Slicer-4.10 (using Subject hierarchy): you can put all your models into a folder and right-click and choose “Convert models to segmentation node”.

If you want to make this even more automated then you write a short python script for this (probably not more than 10-20 lines of code).

Perfect, yes, I was using 4.10.2. I’ll try it out in the latest releases and then work on the python code. Good idea. Thank you!