Wondering if I can create segmentation label from imported STL object?

Hi community,

I had a MRI data set and segmented bone models in STL format. Could I create segmentation label from these 3D models?

I also imported a cylindrical pin (create from CAD software) into slicer, and I am wondering I could map the pin into segmentation label. So I can see if the pin would damage tendon or muscle on its path.

Any idea or comment?


You can convert a model to segmentation mode by right-clicking on it in Data module then choosing conversion to segmentation.

You can also import models to existing segmentation node using Segmentations module.

Hi Andras,

I am able to convert model to segment node, but I can not see it in slice and 3D, see picture below.


Probably the STL file is defined in LPS coordinate system. Slicer assumes it is in RAS. Try transforming the model from LPS to RAS coordinate system by applying a transform as described here:

Hi, you are right. That solves my problem. Thanks very much.


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