After saving the segmentation re-editing the data

Operating system:MacOS 10.13.6
Slicer version:4.8.1
After saving the segmentation, I couldn’t re-edit or add another segmentation to data.
How could I fix that problem?
Thank you

First of all, please use a recent nightly, because a lot of development has happened since the 2017 October release of 4.8.1, including around segmentations.

If you save a segmentation to nrrd.seg, and load it back as a segmentation, then you should be able to edit it, as long as you have a CT/MRI/etc volume in the scene as well that you select as master in Segment Editor.

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In my opinion ,you should save the file" segmentation seg.nrrd" if you use segment editor.When you want to re-edit next time ,you can drag three files including CT or MRI nrrd file ,segmentation-label nrrd file and the segmentation seg.nrrd file to the new open slicer,then you can re-editor by segment editor.

If you leave the segmentation node’s master representation at the default binary labelmap then it is enough to save the scalar volume (CT, MRI, … .nrrd file) and segmentation node (… .seg.nrrd file).