Modify saved annotation

I have done some annotation on 3D images and I saved them as nrrd files. Now I want to modify annotations in some slices. But when I opened the annotation file I can not modify it (i.e remove annotation from one slice and do new annotation).
I am using slicer 4.6 in Ubnutu 16.
Any help is appreciated.

What do you mean by annotation? Ruler, ROI, and markup fiducials? You cannot save those as nrrd files.

If by annotation you mean segmentation, then use Segment editor module to create and edit segmentation.

Important: You are using a Slicer version that is more than a year old!! Upgrade to the latest stable (Slicer 4.8.1). Segmentation capabilities hugely improved since 4.6.

Yes I meant segmentation and it worked as you mentioned.
But I have already done some segmentation with Editor tool and when I am trying to load them(nrrd files) as segmentation, the program stuck and it couldn’t load those files as segmentation. (but it can load them as volume).
Anyways, thanks for response.


Maybe you can modify it in Editor module not the segment.

Load old labelmap as volumes and then import them into a segmentation node using Segmentations module (Import/Export section).