Segmentation in CT images

Hi guys,
I want to segment the tumor in CT images from head and neck cancers. Do you know what the best module in 3DSlicer 4.8 is? (I am not a radiologist.)
Thanks a lot.

Head and neck cancer is a heterogenous group of diseases which vary in location and presentation. Manual contouring using the segmentation editor will probably be best.

Since you mention you are not a radiologist, do you mean that you are not confident in identifying the tumor? It may help if you explain your project goal.

Yes, I am not confident in identifying the tumor. I want to extract some radiomics features in Head and neck cancer pre and post-treatment.

In that case, I suggest you ask an expert to perform the segmentation. Automatic delineation of H&N tumors in CT is beyond the current state of the art.

A CTA of neck tumor may be help for you to segment the ROI through the module “segment”.
I caculated the volume of a “cancerous goiter” from CTA, which is interesting to measure the I131 for a patient.