Any slicer devs interested in freelance work?

(I know this is off-topic but @lassoan previously suggested we could post here)

We’re working on a commercial Slicer-based cardio project for analysis of 4D CT scans, with 2 Slicer developers and another developer from a VTK background, all part-time. For this project and potential future work we’re keen to have a wider pool of developers - long term we imagine we’d love someone full-time as our Slicer devs have full-time jobs (working on Slicer).

If you’re experienced in Slicer development, interested in work now or in the future, I’d love to hear from you (

Thanks, and sorry to spam the list! We don’t know anywhere else to easily find Slicer developers.


It would be nice if there is a section in the forum for open jobs, positions, .etc related to Slicer and Medical Imaging.