Curiosity about Professional Usage of Slicer

Hey all!

I’ve been working with Slicer for the last year on a project where we use the software to create and clean up models generated from laser scans of deep sea creatures. The job will likely last until the end of the year so I am trying to get ahead and figure out if there are other professional uses of the software that I could aim to transition to.

I’m curious about what kind of work you all do with Slicer and if there is any hope of me finding more work using it since I have loved my experience so far and would like to continue working with it in the future.


There are primarily two types of professional work you can do with slicer:

  1. Development: if you are proficient in programming and familiar with biomedical image analysis you might get contracts from clients looking for solutions for their analytical and/or image analysis pipeline challenges.
  2. Data analysis/content creation: You can do contract work to segment/visualize/analyze someone else’s data.

I do not know how often people get this types of gigs, but occasionally groups that are hiring or individuals looking for contracts post under the announcement category. There was some discussion about creating a jobs section, but I believe so far there hasn’t been enough traffic/request to justify it.

That makes sense, thank you very much for your help!

The jobs section is here: Jobs - 3D Slicer Community

I see a lot of demand for custom developments (mostly in Python) by both companies or research groups. You can contact Slicer commercial partners to see if they could use your skills.

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