Appimage - for linux systems

Hi! Building/installing 3dslicer on some linux systems is not easy, not fast, not fun.

Is it possible to provide appimage for download? Just like many of software do, freecad, cura slicer, kicad etc.

Thank You for Your help with this!

Does the Linux binary provided at not fit your easy-to-use situation? Which distro of Linux are you using?

There has been some past discussion on Linux distribution to support networkless builds by way of Flatpaks. Do you have any thoughts as it relates to that method?

Arch , from AUR 3dslicer-bin have sha256 mismatch so it fail to build.

I build it but it took like forever and sill got some problems (like it dont want to load dicom module).

I will try once again with Your suggestions, thanks :slight_smile:

Ps. Never get problems with appimages mentioned above on various linux systems and machines. They are updatable and easy to use. But maybe not so easy to properly make an appimage? Flatpacks would be a bad choice - I 100% agree.