Where can I download Slicer3?

Thanks for your amazing work!

I have a problem, cause in our hospital the computer is still amd32, I’d like to download Slicer3 which could support windows amd32 instead of Slicer4.
But I can not found the download page for Slicer3.
I am wondering if there is an access for it.

Thank you very much!

Which operating system are you using ? Windows ? Linux ?

If really needed, while we don’t provide 32-bit installer for Slicer, it should be possible to generate one.

Reading this FAQ entry may be informative and will describe why it would make sense to invest in a newer system. See https://www.slicer.org/wiki/Documentation/Nightly/Developers/FAQ#Why_there_are_no_windows_32-bit_extensions_available_.3F

Also, if anyone really needs Slicer3, you can find the link (https://www.slicer.org/slicer3-downloads/) towards the bottom left of download.slicer.org.

I just recently built a 4.10.1 based custom app in 32 bit, and it ran/packaged fine.

Thanks so much, it works well.