Atypical proposal of a new module


I’ve pushed this module, ‘Centerline disassembly’, on my gitlab repository. It breaks down a centerline model into groups that can be identified by the VMTK libraries, namely bifurcations, branches and individual centerlines from the first endpoint to all others.

I’m willing to contribute this one more module to SlicerVMTK, if its maintainers deem it a valuable addition. If that’s not the case, end of story.

Otherwise, trouble just starts, since I cannot log in my gihub account to submit a pull request to SlicerVMTK. This is due to the new login policies of github, which were not in place when I created my account there, else I could never have been able to contribute to SlicerVMTK. Namely, I reject the new policy of mandatory 2FA for login and ‘other actions’ as they say.

One way would be: integrate the module locally in SlicerVMTK, send the patch to a maintainer who would merge it in online SlicerVMTK. It’s obviously very ugly and not sustainable. If there are smarter ways, please advise.

Thanks and regards.



This is just a ping for visibility of a PR proposing 2 more modules.


Will you still be on GitHub to help maintain these new modules in the future?

I resolved to get back on github only because I contributed some modules to SlicerVMTK in the past 3 years. So yes, I’ll help maintain my contributions in the future.