Autmatic airway segmentation

Someone can give me a hand with the extension airway segmentation, because I don´t know how to make it work. I’ve tried to prove it with the CT chest example dicom but it never renders anything.

Help please!

Let’s get a bit more specific. Can you please describe

  • What steps were performed exactly
  • What behavior you expected
  • What happened instead


Hello @cpinter. Thank for your answer

I´m trying to segmentate trachea and main bronchi form CT chest images. There is a slicer model called airway segmentation that I intended to use for that purpose. But I couldn´t make it work, after giving it the fiducial point inside the trachea nothing got rendered when I clicked over the apply button, instead a red dot appeared where there should have appeared the complete segmentation. Finally I got the trachea segmentated using the tool “level tracing effect”, it isn’t automatic but it isn’t either too much time consuming. Nevertheless i’d prefer automatic segmentation, if possible.

Some counsel???

You may also try modules of CIP extension -