LungCTSegmenter now includes CIP airway segmentation

There is a new option to perform an automatic airway segmentation along with the generation of lung masks from a lung CT. The LungCTSegmenter, part of LungCTAnalyzer V 2.45, implements a CLI call to the “Segment Lung Airways” module of the Chest Imaging Platform.


Check “Airway Segmentation (CIP)” in the segmenter and select an appropriate kernel mode.

The complete and simple workflow is described in this Youtube Video. This works in 3D Slicer 4.11 and 4.13.

Hi there, I messaged you yesterday on youtube, regards your tutorial: Airway segmentation in 3D Slicer with "Grow from Seeds" - YouTube. I have tried this several times and can’t get the right result. I am a MSc med viz student and have to submit 4 assignments for Monday, but having real trouble getting this right. I wonder if you could help me. Please see my uploads Thanks in advance. Sandie C
Anterior View
Inferior view

Hi Sandie,

This looks not bad for the start. The lung masks are ok, but the airway segmentation is probably not detailed enough for surgical planning.

Could you provide some more information:

  • Which Slicer version do you use (can not read exactly on the screenshot: 4.10.2?)

  • What is the main goal of your segmentation and what are you not satisfied with?

  • Did you segment the airways with the LungCTSegmenter extension or did you use the grow from seeds technique that was described in the other video?

  • Is this dataset from a public source, safe to show on this forum and/or available for download ?

Hey, thank you for your swift response. I tried to use the grow from seeds option and followed your video. I just think I am adding too much of the paintbrush, also as you say the airway segmentation was poor. I use 4.10.2. However, since I message here I have simply used the editor segmentation tool see image attached and this has worked well, it did take me 4 goes through. I now have a few more projects to fulfil on slicer may I still ask for your advice. Warm wishes and thank you!!, Sandie
Exercise 4 Lung tumour