Creating 3D printed model of Airways using CT


I am trying to make a 3D printed airway from CT scan. I have managed to do a version myself but it isn’t the best - I have seen online there is a Airway Segmentation Extension - how do I get access for this to use please?


Go to View —> Extension manager or ctrl + 4 --> Install extensions --> Slicer Airway segmentation --> Install


Perfect - Thank you so much!

Next question…

So I have managed to managed to download the extension and have placed the point within the trachea and hit apply - but it only comes up with a small dot rather than expanding to the whole airways like the tutorial - any ideas?

I’ve just tried and it worked well for me, but I guess the results may depend on image quality. For segmenting more challenging images, I would recommend to install “SegmentEditorExtraEffects” extension, then segment the airways using Segment Editor module using Fast marching effect: