Auto-load SPL brain atlas? (already downloaded)

Hello, I’ve been lurking here for a number of years, not really using Slicer much, my interest is not professional but is rather a long-term/sometimes & only marginally successful desire to learn brain anatomy. I recently had to reload Slicer (4.8.0) after a computer glitch, and was glad to also find & download a new version of SPL Brain Atlas, January 2017.

I wonder if there is some way to auto-load the already downloaded SPL brain atlas when Slicer executes?

(I have an older version of Slicer that still does auto-load it, but I can’t see how it was accomplished.)


The easiest is to double-click on the atlas .mrb file - it should open the file in Slicer.

Alternatively, you can add a line to your application startup script (you can find its location in menu: Edit / Application settings / General / Application startup script) that loads the scene using slicer.util.loadScene('some-scene-to-load.mrb').

Oh, too simple! Thanks! Perhaps all my questions to come may be that simple.