Batch processing with MONAI Auto3DSeg extension module

I am working on a set of around 60 CTs and I would like to process the volumes with the same model (brain and hemorrage) from the new monai Auto3dSeg extension module.
While I can process them one by one within the GUI, by selecting every volume and generating a new segmentation each time (which is pretty tedious), I wanted a way to batch process a series of volumes like with other slicer modules.
I tried to implement this in the python interactor in Slicer, but I am not a coding expert and I can’t seem to work it out.
there’s probably an easy solution involving the modules’ attributes but I can’t find it.
thanks to whomever might help me!

input: loaded volumes
output: segmentation model inferences from Monai auto3Dseg module

I’m don’t really know much about MONAI but there is a batch processing in another module named ALPACA, maybe you can look it up and try to use something similar to that.