Does Slicer support the batch processing?

Operating system: Windows 10
Slicer version: 4.8.0
Expected behavior: batch processing
Actual behavior: Not sure

Hi there,

I’m on these things: first import the DICOM files into Slicer, then for each patient, I need to save the PET/CT and the RT Structure Set to Nifti format for subsequent processing. Current I need to handle this data case by case. I was wondering if the Slicer can support the batch processing. After we defined a pipeline based on Slicer and the extensions, the batch processing module could repeat the processing automatically and also could record the cases with failure.



This question has been asked many times in the mailing list, for example


I hope this helps.

Also you can have a look at the CaseIterator extension. It is currently geared for interactive work, but it would be great to see it extended to also work with batch pipelines.

Hi @cpinter and @pieper, thank you very much for your kind reply and suggestions! Very helpful!

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I installed SlicerCaseIterator and was confused by this wiki. The .csv table should be created including the dir of all volume and segment before load them? Can I save/write a loaded volume and mask segmentation in slicer by this module? I tried to do that but nothing happen even clicking the batch buttom for an empty table.