Batch processing with SPHARM-PDM

Hi, I am very new to coding in Python, so hopefully there might be an easy, straightforward tutorial, or possibly a way to circumvent the use of python coding altogether, but is there anything like this on how to perform a batch processing operation with SPHARM-PDM to analyze a 3D mesh for shape descriptors?

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Is there anyone who can answer this?

@bpaniagua @laurapascal can you advise?

Hi Steven,

Thank you for your interest in SPHARM-PDM!
I am not sure to understand exactly what you are looking for: are you trying to apply SPHARM-PDM on several cases ? If it is the case, I recommend you to follow this tutorial which explains how to install SPHARM-PDM and how to use it!

Hope it will help you, I remain available if you need more help!

To give you more of a background in the problem. I am trying to use SPHARM-PDM on a list of over 1000 meshes to extract features such as surface area, volume, compactness, curvature, etc. Therefore, I want to be able to direct the module to a folder containing the meshes, select the features to be extracted, and run it to tabulate all of the calculations. I don’t know much about programming in python however, so I would like to avoid it if possible. I have read through the tutorial several times, now, but it doesn’t give much of a description on arranging batch processing, and the tutorial expects the individual to understand the engineering and programming concepts that I have been slowly trying to learn, but am not there as of yet.