How can I get centerlines of .stl file when there is a bifurcation?

Hi, I’m just downloaded 3d slicer to get center line of a vessel(.stl file).
Since I’m new to 3d slicer and vmtk, I prepared a small part of my research domain with a bifurcation.
But, the result didn’t turned out so well.

Using ‘Extract Centerline’ module,

  1. I made three end points(create new markups fiducial)
  2. Centerline model : create new model
  3. Centerline curve : create new markup curve
    and then I clicked ‘Apply’.

As a result, only two end points were connected, and one was left along.
I tried to follow Iassoan’s video(New module: Extract Centerline (in SlicerVMTK extension)) but in the example there was only two end points so I couldn’t figure it out.

Here is my stl file I wanted to make centerline.

Try to move your endpoints a little and extract again.



The mesh has serious errors. The left image shows the mesh rendered with surface normals to better show the meshing errors, which seem like duplicate and inverted triangles. The right image shows what I got after converting the model to labelmap representation.

This mesh error breaks the automatic centerline endpoint computation, but amazingly, the centerline extraction still works well with manually defined endpoints:

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Thank you for your advice!
I wonder why mine didn’t work out.

I managed to extract centerlines following your video!
Thank you so much for the video and pointing out the error in the mesh.
I’m new to slicer and 3D mesh things, so I probably messed up during making that stl file.