Brain Cortex Volume Rendering

Hi everyone, I am trying to do a volume render of the human brain cortex. I do not know if Slicer is the right tool to do it. A good result would be something like this.

Thank you very much in advanced


Yes, you should be able to get a rendering like this in Slicer. You need to strip the skull first, using for example SwissSkullStripper extension and then use Volume Rendering module on the created brain image. These are all quite quick, fully automatic steps.

Depending on the original image quality, volume rendering may not provide such nice images. In that case, you may try to tune volume rendering settings and slightly adjust the brain mask (e.g., using Segment editor module, Mask volume effect).

If this still not provides the images that you would like, then you need to segment the brain. You can either use FreeSurfer for automatic segmentation or use Segment Editor in Slicer for manual segmentation.