How to "slice through" the model, like when browsing a series of images?

I’m a new user, neuroscientist, and I’m just exploring this amazing tool. I viewed a few tutorials and I managed to import a DICOM series of a brain MRI into the tool, and get it shown in 3D. However - and this is likely silly - I cannot figure out how to “slice through” the model. I can see the full model of the head, reconstructed from the complete DICOM series, and I cannot find a way how to render e.g. only half of it.
I’m sorry for my English, hope the question makes sense.

From your post, I believe that you are using volume rendering.
Volume rendering is not based on a segmentation and it cannot be be viewed as you desire.

Segmentation though the segmentation module, can be displayed over the images and one can slice though the images.

Ah, thank you. Could you please advise me what to do when I would like to simply browse the model “through”? In my case, I see the whole head of a patient, and would like to move through to get to the brainstem.

Maybe if you show a picture illustrating what you are trying to achieve we could advise you. I.e. from another software or from a publication.

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I mean, this should be fairly basic. Imagine you load a MRI study, so that the volume rendering shows a complete human head/face. But I obviously need to look inside, ideally step by step, as if viewing the 2D images.
Or simply - how do I show just a half of the model, so that I see inside? I can see a human bust :slight_smile:

It sounds like you want to use the cropping feature of the volume rendering module.

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That was exactly it - THANK YOU!