Issues with website links and webmaster email address

Navigated to the publication DB homepage today. The publication DB link isn’t working. I tried emailing (provided at the bottom of the homepage), that email doesn’t work either.

Due to a server migration interrupted by the pandemic, the publication database is temporarily unavailable. If you are interested in getting specific papers or data sets then we can send it to you.

Thanks for the report. Yes, the machine that hosts the publication database is down and we’ve had trouble getting it fixed. Hopefully soon.

HI! Thanks a lot for the replies! Totally understand, just thought I’d bring it to your attention. I recently published an article and cited slicer, I was actually wondering how one could get it on your site. I’ll come back later and check on the link!

Thank you. The paper recommended for citing Slicer (3D Slicer as an Image Computing Platform for the Quantitative Imaging Network) is available at the link below. I’ve also updated the link in the documentation.

we have updated the link