Issues with website links and webmaster email address

Navigated to the publication DB homepage today. The publication DB link isn’t working. I tried emailing (provided at the bottom of the homepage), that email doesn’t work either.

Due to a server migration interrupted by the pandemic, the publication database is temporarily unavailable. If you are interested in getting specific papers or data sets then we can send it to you.

Thanks for the report. Yes, the machine that hosts the publication database is down and we’ve had trouble getting it fixed. Hopefully soon.

HI! Thanks a lot for the replies! Totally understand, just thought I’d bring it to your attention. I recently published an article and cited slicer, I was actually wondering how one could get it on your site. I’ll come back later and check on the link!

Thank you. The paper recommended for citing Slicer (3D Slicer as an Image Computing Platform for the Quantitative Imaging Network) is available at the link below. I’ve also updated the link in the documentation.

we have updated the link

@pieper Has there been any movement to restore this publication database?

Does this mean that the database likely won’t be restored until sometime well into 2021?

I do not know how many publications that listed, but PubMed query returns 294 hits

Although there must be quite a bit of journals that pubmed doesn’t track.

I hope not. I emailed the responsible parties to see if there’s an update.

Ok we can wait for the latest update.

Otherwise I would say we replace the link with another such as what @muratmaga provided. I’m aware that it is linked both as a navigation option under “Publication” on, but also in the Slicer application as Help->Slicer Publications. If it’s going to be awhile or TBD we can replace or remove the link until it is restored instead of having a dead link around.

I heard we’re still stuck waiting for physical presence on site before the publication server can come back.

I think google scholar would be a good option.

How about this URL?

This is the one we’ve been using on the Slicer Community page. It filters out some of the bad hits and includes some common ways of citing (e.g. just±Slic3r+&btnG=

Ok, I would suggest just a minor edit which is not to force a language on the Google Scholar search/navigation options, but that’s it. Below removes the “hl=en” specification.±Slic3r+&btnG=

Très bon! (very good)

I’ve issued PRs for updating these broken SPL links

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