Bspline transform multiresolution type mismatch

Hello, everyone.

I am carrying a multistage and multi-resolution deformable registration pipeline.

I start with 3D rigid transform. The transform result I plug into the CompositTransform object.
In the next stage I use the BSpline 3D transform. Instead of initiating the Bspline with some transform initializer I use the SetInitialTransform(compositeTransform).

The problem is: When I start to configure the multi-resolution parameters of BSpline stage, specially the
TransformParametersAdaptors, I face a problem when setting the adaptor:

I use the CompositeTransform, which is the initial transform of this stage, and it displays and error. A mismatch transform type error. It was expecting a BSplineTransform and received a CompositTransform.

How can I solve it? I know that if I remove the whole multi-resolution deal for BSpline This could be solved. Although, I would like to maintain the multi-resolution for BSpline stage.

Any suggestions are welcomed.