Build for mac from windows

Our team of developers are working on building a teaching and education tool using slicer. The development is currently being done on a Windows setup. I however have a mac. Is there a way the build can be genrated for a macbook system on windows development environment itself?

Please help!

I don’t think you can cross-compile Qt desktop applications on PC for macOS, but you have several other options:

  • You might be able to run macOS on a virtual machine on Windows. I haven’t tried this ever, so I’m not sure how much it is officially supported by apple and how robust it is, but you can give it a try, you might be able to set up everything for free.
  • Your safest option is to buy a cheap macbook or mac mini. A used one is fine, but preferably not older than about 3 years. The nice thing is that you can do realistic testing, troubleshooting if you ever need that, and it may be faster than the virtual options.
  • You could also rent a macOS computer on the cloud. Since building, and especially packaging can take really long time (many hours), the cost could relatively quickly reach the price of a used mac. It may be a good option if you don’t need to build often, or if you want to share one virtual computer between many developers.

Thanks alot for this. It looks like getting a cheap windows system will be a slightly feasable option.