Compiling SlicerCAT for IPad

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SlicerCAT can be compiled now for IPad ? Can I found some docs about this operation, anything ?

If you want to run Slicer on a tablet, the easiest is to use Windows devices. You can customize the GUI to make touch-friendly (see example here) and this application will work the same way on Linux and macOS tablets (if they finally arrive), too.

Apple is working on closing the hardware and software gap between their laptops and tablets and they already showed some promising success. It should be technically feasible to run macOS apps on tablets soon, but nobody knows for sure if Apple will actually enable this. You can already run macOSX on an iPad, but Apple does not officially supports this, so it may not be the solution you are looking for.

While you could port Slicer to iOS (so that you can run it on an iPad or iPhone now), it would probably cost about $100-200k of software development (few developers for a year), and by the time you are ready, tablets that can run macOS applications may be already available.

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