Building Slicer against Qt5, Win64

I was looking at making a fresh build of Slicer against Qt 5, on a 64 bit Windows machine, and was directed from
to the one liner build commands here:

But all the 5.x branches there haven’t had the windows build commands updated in the readme files - they all have 4.8.7 still in the one liners for Windows (Linux/Mac are updated with the correct version number).

When I tried pointing the one liner to the 5.10.0/windows_build_qt.ps1 file, it triggered a download of Qt 4.8.7.

There’s a Qt 5.7.1 package mirrored on Midas but no 5.10.0. Would you recommend I use 5.7.1 for now?


On Windows, I use Qt5 binaries that I download from and it works, but it would be good to know if there is any advantage of building my own Qt. I guess @jcfr will be able to answer this when he gets back from vacation.

Good to know that the binaries work, I’ll use them for now.